• personal and quick service
    • customized maintenance agreements
    • quality staff

DataStar rises above all others with it's unique door to door service. Our company is dedicated to providing personal and quick service. Maintenance is what has made DataStar, Inc. so successful. With DataStar, one quick phone call is all it takes and one of our specialists will be at your door. DataStar's flexibility is there for you to take advantage of. We specialize in maintenance contracts for those business' without in-house maintenance staffs. Proposals can be done to fit your company's needs to ensure your system is running smoothly everyday. Contracts are customarily done over a one year period and offer one price to service your entire company. However, if you feel that your company isn't in need of one of our full time agreements we can offer our service on a time and material basis

DataStar has the awnser to all of your hardware needs, from wiring to network design, to even printer maintenance. We offer a one stop computer service...no phone menus, nor call transfers, just a quick response followed by quality service.




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Email- david@datastarservice.com Phone & Fax- 864.433.8435